Snapper invented the rear-engine rider.  With a variety of models, a range of engines that feature the power of Briggs & Stratton along with a variety of cutting widths, Snapper rear engine riders are the easy choice for a great looking lawn.

3 ways to Mow:  Most Snapper rear-engine mowers offer 3-n-1 convertibility so you can side discharge, bag or mulch your grass clippings depending on  lawn conditions and personal preferences.

The patented Ninja Mulching System produces the ultimate in mulching performance.  With six unique cutting surfaces on each Ninja blade, grass clippings are cut and re-cut into an extremely fine mulch that disappears into the lawn and decomposes quickly.

Fitted with an exclusive Disc Drive Transmissions which eliminates complicated clutches and provides easy forward/reverse drive. The disc travels across the drive plate to achieve ground speed.

Quick response steering is fitted with a one-to-one steering ration to help you manoeuvre easily around tight spots and make quick turns.

A pivoting frame allows the mower to easily adjust to the contours of any lawn for a smooth cut.

The decks on all the Snapper riding lawnmowers feature the ‘step through’ design.  This eliminates any obstructions in front of the drivers seat.  This allows for easy entry and exit from the tractor without the need to lift feet and legs over a raised portion of the frame.  In addition, since the engine is mounted in the rear, there is much better visibility in the front of the riding lawnmower when it comes to steering and avoiding obstacles.

Most customers that invest in a Snapper riding lawnmower buy another in the future, based on high satisfaction.