We think that this is the best designed Pedestrian Scarifier made anywhere in the world for Commercial use ....and it's not imported....

Famous  Adelaide built Power Mower SCH features all steel construction ,centre mounted Honda GX270 OHV engine ,easy depth adjustment ,pneumatic wheels ,

quick release drive shaft, dual "A" section taper-lock iron pulley drive, 20 premium crinolene steel Australian stamped  blades.

We have built these for over thirty years and can report some machines with 20 years in rental or professional use. 

By teasing out the thatch and moss from your lawn you will make it more resistant to drought, insect and disease problems.  By removing this layer of thatch the grassed area will regenerate naturally and will become more receptive to fertilizers and other pest and disease control problems.

  • 9 hp Honda OHV 
  • 20" Path
  • Pneumatic Tyres with bearing centres
  • Dual V-Belt Clutch
  • Optional Grooming Blades with 1/2"  spacing  

Ask about our edger ,vacuum or turf cutter ...all made in Australia


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