From it’s humble beginnings as a home business in Crafers in the Adelaide Hills, Power Mowers has come a long way. 

Founded by Neville Thomas in the late 1960’s in his shed, the business quickly gained a reputation for quality repairs and effective improvements to poor designs.  After a few short years the business expanded and moved to 21 Glen Osmond Road where it became a National identity in the industry and know as a supplier of premium products and quality service.  Where deficiencies in design were seen the company either sourced better products overseas or manufactured suitable machines for the local market.  Now as a second generation takes the business in to the modern era through the internet we have the same goals as ever.
         We continue to manufacture many products locally and source more unique products than ever before as an alterative to the substandard machine offered in hardware stores or often rebadged and sold in servicing dealers less demanding than ourselves.  These demands lie beyond the original purchase...therefore...we our clients do…that our suppliers will meet or exceed the competition with quality and after sales support as a full package.  We expect fair parts prices and modern delivery times...even if the middle man has to be eliminated in the process.
         We look forward to sharing some of our products here with you and please feel free to contact us with any enquiry about the range. We are sure that we have a quality solution to any outdoor equipment requirement that you many have.
Kevin Thomas BE(mech)