Cylinder Mowers

The Protea S.I. 355, 430, 510 and 630, semi-industrial cylinder mowers fill the need for a good quality machine that can cope with any domestic as well as light industrial mowing conditions.

As a domestic machine, the Protea S.I. will give your lawn the same manicured finish found on golf and bowling greens as well as cricket pitches.

Why buy a Protea cylinder mower?
Turf grass managers know that a cylinder mower cuts the grass like a pair of scissors where as a rotary mower “hacks” the leaves - resulting in damaged and dead grass.  As a semi-industrial machine, turf managers can use the S.I. as an inexpensive back-up mower.
The Protea S.I. is manufactured to the same exacting standards as all other Protea precision-built cylinder mowers.  Backed by Protea’s warranty and unparalled dealer support, you are assured of years of trouble-free services from your S.I.u.

Centrifugal Clutch: Heavy duty clutch operates at full throttle but allows the operator to mow at a walking pace and at the same time maintain the cutting cylinder speed (R.P.M.) resulting in a perfect cut.

Height Adjuster: Positive and precise height adjustment via a single control knob.  Also available with dual controls for special applications—bowling greens, golf tee’s and greens and crocket pitches, croquet courts and grass tennis courts.

Rear Roller: The rubberises and sooth rollers are fully adjustable to bring it into alignment with the bottom blade.  The independently driven sections facilitate turning and prevent grass from being bruised.  High quality plastic drive pawls, retainer and ratchets are all precision moulded.

Transmission: Heavy duty sprocket and chain system transfers power from the motor to the rear roller and cutting cylinder via the heavy duty centrifugal clutch.

Adjustable Front Roller: Machined steel or wheelie roller for total cutting height control.  Fitted with ball bearings, oil seals and dust cover.

Grass Box: Heavy duty sheet metal box