Made in Japan

Walk behind Self propelled grass slasher.  Finally an alternative to the poorly designed products that have been slashing our hills for the last 40 years .....finally a machine that has a diff lock....3 foward and a reverse speed .

A machine with a proper transmission and  NOT  friction  cogs running on the wheels.

A belt drive 500 mm cut stamped steel body fitted with the venerable Honda GXV160 industrial engine with iron sleeve.

Imported solely by Power Mower..spares and service supported by the leading independent power equipment dealer in Australia with over 40 years in business.


High performance grass cutting.

Steel deck mounted below steel chassis.

Cutting Height: 10 - 70 mm by single winder

Indirect cutter drive to reduce hidden object damage

Differential lock for added traction

Adjustable handlebars with offset availability

Mulching blade available