Pellenc Rasion Easy Battery Lawnmower

The high-productivity electric solution for perfect mowing

Whether you choose the SMART or the EASY model, the RASION 2 range of professional mowers has been designed to combine outstanding mowing quality with optimum productivity. Long battery life, great manoeuvrability, and ergonomics. They have synchronised dual blades and a new  circuit board to manage overheating and increase efficiency. Waterproof and very quiet, RASION 2 mowers can be used in all weather conditions, anytime, anywhere. They ensure the well-being of the user as well as the neighbourhood.
With a repairability index of 9.9 and 9.8/10, you will be choosing a professional-grade battery mower that is reliable, durable, and repairable over time.

Priced at $2453 + GST

Package discounts available for multple product order including batteries

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